About Us

Clearing the Planet

Behind the beautiful flowering bush sits the edge of our Academy Course Room. Inside the course room are bookshelves of original L. Ron Hubbard materials; everything is there to turn you into an excellent Scientology or Dianetic auditor including my husband, Ray Krenik, Jr., who is the E.D. of Free Zone Elma and who also supervises the Academy.

I am Patricia Krenik, also known as “Pat” and am in charge of the Technical Division.  I’m happy with myself as a Case Supervisor and have had many wins as people see their cases resolving using L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

It is a relaxed and fun atmosphere; Ethics are mild because as a group we are almost always in normal or affluence. Our environment is a safe place. We work happily at Free Zone Elma from 1 PM to 9 PM, with breaks and an hour for dinner, six days a week. While Ray handles the course room I do the Case Supervision for auditors in training. I also audit OTs, handle Tech Services, and schedule the arrival of our clients. Ray does the after session exams and handles housing arrangements for students and preclears.  We have added Justin Craig to our staff, and he fills in where needed, including delivering auditing.

As to qualifications, Ray and I have been in Scientology for a very long time. I’m a Founding Scientologist 1951. When I left the Church in 1983 I was OT VII and Class VI auditor. Ray was Clear then and had done a thousand hours of Dianetic Book Auditing for the Seattle Org.  That was  thirty four years ago, since then we have been operating independent of the Churches of Scientology and their senior organizations making auditors and clearing folks.  I can now handle any case from beginning stages through the entire bridge and I can also deliver the L’s, which are “case boosters” and not on the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Charts.

We just recently announced Revitalizing Ministry Clear #20, much to our delight. We deliver the Original OT Sections as well as New Era Dianetics for OTs auditing and training. Training is one half of the gains made through the application of the technology. Training delivers certainty and that is what Scientology is all about, creating certainty. Not the certainty of impact but the certainty of knowledge. Without Ray’s decision to start an Academy we would not have had an effective way to deliver tech. I thank him so much for this gift.

We offer (when they are available) sleeping rooms with TV, Internet, kitchen use and washer/dryer. This helps clients on a lean budget keep their expenses manageable.  For those who want more privacy there is a nearby Microtel or other Motel.

You are welcome to come to Elma any time after 1 PM—except Tuesdays!  Just use the form to contact me–you will find it on the menu above where it says “contact.”  I can then answer any questions you might have.

May you live long, be well and prosper.

Patricia Krenik