How Long is the Bridge®?

How Long is the Bridge®


To:  All Seekers of Enlightenment                            17.7.2017

From:  Pat Krenik Case Supervisor

When Scientologists refer to the Bridge, they are talking about a large chart call the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart, commonly referred to as the “Grade Chart.”  The Grade Chart contains the basic program steps to get a person who is new to Scientology or Dianetics to a new level of spiritual enlightenment.  I think of that program as the Road to Truth.  So how long will it take a person to travel those steps?

If you don’t have a heavy drug history, street or medical drugs, and have the time and money to do it, it can be done in two years.

This statement might shock the auditors and case supervisors in the technical division in the Church of Scientology.  The Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, had warned us against “quicky grades” and other actions.  Thus swung the pendulum to the other side—endless grade processes—endless other actions.  Repair lists for correct those who were treated with endless actions then had to be run. Five months to pass E-meter Drills.  All of this was paid for in the Church.  No discount for hours overrun.

The longest time spent on the Bridge is at the bottom, where one learns to recover memory preceptics, or does the Drug Rundown.

As one moves up the bridge, especially after power or clearing the road becomes exponential.  The best news is that the cost in the Free Zone or Independent Field (those Scientologists not connected to the Church of Scientology, IAS, RTC or CST) is less than the cost of a university education.

There is a bulletin written by LRH that warns of us not to brag about speed of delivery.  He wanted us to do things completely.  The truth is the more people who go free the more quickly others can go free too.  It is like a forest we are travelling through, first merely a path but as more and more travel the path it becomes a road and soon a freeway.  Then as better tools arrive, we start to fly over the forest and see the other side.

If you are new, welcome to the Free Zone.  If you are someone who has had hours and hours of very costly auditing and still feel your case hasn’t been handled, don’t throw good money after bad.  Don’t join the critics of Scientology either, but get in touch with us for a way out of the mess.


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