Introducing the ARC Break Intensive

Understanding the ARC Break

An ARC Break is a sudden drop in Affinity, Reality, Communication, or Understanding. You can’t audit over one, and you can’t live happily with one in restimulation. Certainly you can’t live happily with dozens of ARC Breaks surrounding you in different areas of life. The good news is: they are easy to knock out.

LRH said, “Only an ARC Break can worsen a case.” This is a hugely important datum. We can fix a myriad of situations on this one datum alone, from not wanting auditing, leaving Scientology, discouraged about the bridge, upset with one’s spouse, complaints about LRH and even to some extent, illness.

It is the ARC Break that lowers the graph (OCA chart), it is the ARC break that wrecks homes, families and relationships. It is the why a person finally gives up on their goals and dreams and even eventually their life.

One could extend that datum to “Only an ARC Break can worsen a marriage”, or “Only an ARC Break can worsen the will to do, be or have.”

The only thing one can do with an ARC Break is locate and indicate the exact charge. It is a break in either Affinity, Reality, Communication or Understanding—or may be a break in all of them. That has to be spotted. Usually it needs to be broken down further than that by checking the buttons, curious about, desired, enforced, inhibited, no, or refused. Sometimes we need to find out if there is something unknown or if there is an incomplete cycle of action regarding the ARC Break. Sometimes an ARC Break is the icing on an entire chain of similar ARC Breaks.



The ARC Break Intensive



So what would we do in an ARC Break Intensive? We would locate the charge of the ARC Breaks that are preventing the preclear or pre-OT from living and doing in the areas he has concern with, and indicate it to the preclear. Then when we have truly handled the ARC Breaks we follow it up with a larger area to view—we want to get the source/sources of the ARC Breaks located and handled so there is much less possibility of ARC Breaks re-occurring in the future. The ARC Break Intensive can be given to anyone at any case level. It can put your life back on an even keel, a winning trend, or whatever way you want it.



Who Needs an ARC Break Intensive?



Here are some of the possible symptoms of needing an ARC Break intensive:



Feeling sad from time to time—or even continually.
Feeling like you have lost some gain, ability or status.
Giving up on areas you used to enjoy.
Can’t make up your mind or feeling dysfunctional.
Not moving on the bridge for whatever reason.
Not wanting auditing.
Marriage or other relationship falling apart.
Lost too many friends.
Discouraged with life.

If you find any of the above, there is an ARC Break present—and the Intensive is right for you. Write Pat Krenik, for further information and prices.

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