Draining the Swamp

When You Are up to Your Ass in Alligators 

To:  All Scientologists

From:  The Tech Division, Elma WA

When you are up to your ass in alligators, don’t forget that the mission was to clear the planet.

There are those who no longer believe it can be done.  They believe that clearing the planet is unrealistic.  Or they believe that babies are being born faster than we could possibly audit people to clear.

Those who have those considerations are missing something very important.  We are clearing the planet.  The problem is, when order is put in too quickly chaos flies off. It is easy to look around and think this planet has gone crazy.

That’s where the “up to your ass in alligators” comes in.  It is the chaos, it is the violent left, it is really negative intentions blowing off, being dramatized, and it is people, or groups of people who want to keep others suppressed.  It is the “off with their heads” attitude.

Clearing the Planet

Many years ago I had a cognition that you don’t have to audit every individual to clear the planet.  All you have to do in increase the ratio of theta to entheta.  When there is more theta on the planet than entheta the planet will start destimulating and clearing will occur.

This is why we should support any betterment group.  They may not be Scientologists, but they are helping the planet by raising tone. Validate whenever you see something done correctly in life.  Admire or acknowledge any unwanted perception you receive.

How to Clear the Planet

Auditing is the answer to clearing the planet.  Our job as auditors is to free beings, but also to audit them well before freeing them.  Well audited people do not dramatize evil intentions.  If you are new to Scientology, you may not see how auditing people one-on-one will clear the planet, but as you move up to the upper levels you gain skills that do help you free many beings rather than just one at a time.

For those who are not yet OT III and above, this article ends here.  Your job, if you are not OT III yet, is to move on the bridge as quickly as possible so that you can know and apply the tools that are clearing the planet.

Tech Division,

Elma, WA

Patricia Krenik

There is more to the article for OT III’s and above.  If you want the rest let me know.